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18k White Gold, Sapphire and Diamond Ring
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18k White Gold, Sapphire and Diamond Ring


18k White Gold statement ring showcasing 5.80 carats of baguette cut Ocean Blue Sapphires with 2.50 carats of round brilliant cut Diamonds. Marked down from $4900 down to just $4000!



Metal: 18k White Gold

Stone 1: Sapphire baguette cut 5.80 ctw (carat total weight)

Stone 2: Diamond Round Brilliant Cut, 2.50ctw

Size 7.5 Not Sizable

weight 6.10 grams

Original Price: 9000

The ancient Persians believed that sapphires were part of a huge pedestal upon which the Earth rested, and it was the reflection of these breathtaking gemstones which gave the sky its blue color. The word ‘sapphire’ has many contenders for its origin, but the most commonly accepted origin is that from the Greek word ‘sappheiros’ which literally translates into  ‘blue stone’.

Since the time people began understanding the importance of gemstones, sapphires have exclusively been used to adorn the robes, crowns and jewelry of royalty and nobility. Its extraordinarily saturated hue is used as a parameter to measure the beauty of other blue colored gemstones, including tanzanite and topaz.

In modern times, the sapphire’s association with royalty and romance was further reinforced when Lady Diana Spencer was given a blue sapphire engagement ring by Prince Charles in 1981.

Connoisseurs have always favored the Kashmir blue, heralding it to the spot of the most coveted and sought after color in a sapphire. However, even as gemstone aficionados immediately think of the color royal blue while speaking of sapphires, they’re misguided. In fact, until very recently almost everybody thought that sapphires were available in just shades of blue.

While it’s true that cornflower blue and purplish blue sapphires are available, it’s also true that sapphires are available in purple, pink, yellow, white and even green colors. These sapphires are referred to as by industry insiders as “fancies” due to their fancy colors. Some of these colored sapphires are rarer than the blue colored ones, including the ‘padparadscha’. The name, when translated, means ‘lotus flower’ is an orange hued sapphire with ethereal pink undertones.

And sapphires are extremely sturdy stones; in fact, they’re second only to diamonds on the Mohs scale. Which means they’re pretty immune to daily wear and tear, making them the perfect gemstones to gift to the person you love.